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Wiring Joint S/Joint#

any hints how to read the following? See arrow in attached image. Thx

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 Puma 110" SW

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Post #964010 4th Sep 2022 8:01pm
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It’s not overly helpful is it, this might give you a better trail to follow -


And the connector details here.


It’s the electrical library for the Puma. If you look for the connector you want, in your case C0837, you look at the DESTN and it doesn’t give that much help either, however the wiring diagram tells you the WG wire runs the full length of the vehicle to connector C1759 in the engine bay. The earth detail is less specific.

Click image to enlarge
Post #964021 4th Sep 2022 9:08pm
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S/Joint refers to a "splice joint" where several wires are joined together in the loom. When it displays this in the connector pinout it means along the wire from that connector you would find that joint.

The 2012 C0837 has a different pinout than the image above, which is for 2007 vehicles.

I have recently brought all wiring diagrams into LR Workshop, and all Splice Joints have their own page, which shows all the diagrams they are a part of. So you can now click the "SJ" items from the connector pages to see what other circuits they are a part of. There is no other information from the documentation on the Splices such as where they are, what they look like, so the best you can do is browse the wiring diagrams to see what else connects to it.

There are loads of discrepancies between the connector libraries and the wiring diagrams, such that many connectors/splices only exist in one of the documents. I have tried to consolidate both. For example in the connector above, C0837 says it connects to SJ2, but this doesn't exist in the wiring diagrams (or I haven't found it yet!), so the page for SJ won't list any diagrams.

Hope that helps LR Workshop
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Post #965620 21st Sep 2022 12:54pm
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