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A scam? Is it LR or is it the dealership?
I ordered an 110 X-Dynamic S with options in May. It was £62,204 total. Delivery Jan/Feb 2023

Advised in August when on holiday that the S is no longer available, and an equivalent was the X-Dynamic SE at £72,000!

Went to dealership last week after the holidays and was told that actually you ARE getting an S built and it's going to be in the UK at the end of October, but the price will be £69,500!

Asked for the Spec of the build and was told that "as far as they know" its the same as the original.

Went on the LR CFG site today and built an SE with the SAME spec as the S for £70,500, but it also includes as standard, Sunroof, Meridian, Memory Seats, upgraded LEDs and Leather trim seats.

So, for £1000 extra for an SE now I get a LOT more than the original spec S, which now costs 16% more than when I ordered it.

I'm not happy and cannot conceive how the S pricing today can be correct when compared to the SE.
Post #965869 24th Sep 2022 1:39pm
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Sometimes a manufacturer will honour the pre-increase prices as a matter of goodwill on cars committed to order. They're not contracturally bound to hold the price though.

In this market I very much doubt that LR are doing that, maybe they might honour it if a car is in build or being shipped.

However your rights as a consumer are limited, and they are between you and the dealer. You can't demand or hold the dealership to the price agreed, even if you've paid a deposit. You're rights are that you can cancel the contract/order if you choose to do so and receive any monies back, or you could convert the order to another model - e.g. an SE in this case which will have a much better RV than the S.

Or you could sack it all off, decide its daft spending that much money on a car and to be treated like this by the motor trade and get a nice old Disco or Rangie instead Wink JB

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Post #965875 24th Sep 2022 2:12pm
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I went with a 23MY XS that they had in the showroom rather than wait on my lower spec SE that would’ve been about £5k more expensive. 23MY 110 D250 XS Edition, Hakuba Silver

Gone - 21MY Defender 90 D200 S, Tasman Blue, Fuji White roof.
Post #965901 24th Sep 2022 6:44pm
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