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Speedy Wolf

Was heading East on the A66 this morning and was passed on one of the dual carriageway sections by a Wolf 110 on MOD plates at a fair speed in the pouring rain. I was sat at 70mph on the cruise control in my Audi and it passed me at what must have been 80+! I thought the MOD ones were meant to stick to 60?! 02' 110 TD5 Double Cab
84' 90 3.9 V8 Caged Pickup Build Thread

Post #797769 11th Oct 2019 8:02pm
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What they are meant to do and what a squash will do (especially on a Friday when an early knock is on offer) are two totally different things. Rolling with laughter I have seen and partaken in various activities I shall not mention Whistle

Also these can be driven by civilians (DSG) for example who carry out various maintenance on the fleet. 90 wolf - Jasmin http://www.defender2.net/forum/topic39408.html
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110 TD5 - Buggsy http://www.defender2.net/forum/topic59029.html
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Think I might have a problem............

Post #797770 11th Oct 2019 8:08pm
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