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Roof tent install & advice

Looking to install a roof top tent to a double cab 110.

I see most are fitted so that they open sideways but is this the best way?

Looking to get advice from those who use them often. Is there gains to having it open forwards or backwards on vehicle so ladder is at front or back? I was thinking that it would take less pitching space. I don't have an annex etc, but is the space beneath useful or hindrance?

See examples.

Click image to enlarge

What are your setups like pictures and advice welcome before I start bolting it on.

Any other advice, equipment etc. I'm thinking of fitting a rear hoop and cover to carry additional items or install equipment.

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Post #770415 27th Apr 2019 8:54pm
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deep down

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Wales 2007 Defender 110 Puma 2.4 DCPU Zambezi Silver

Click image to enlarge

I had the rear end of my cage changed to carry the tent. Works well for us

Click image to enlarge

Post #770453 27th Apr 2019 11:22pm
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^^^^ neat set up!

For the original question I'd actually think that opening to the rear is the most common, rather than sideways.

I don't have any pics handy, but that's the way ours works. I think this makes sense because you have access to the rear door for leaving/ sorting stuff before going 'upstairs'.

Ours also has what is essentially a shower curtain hanging from underneath the extended tent, providing some privacy for getting changed. Again, this works best at the back of the car. Donald

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Post #770498 28th Apr 2019 11:52am
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