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Loose Injector Bolt

As I was posting this video for another thread, I thought I'd post it with it's own thread for future people visiting the forum or searching on Google etc.

This is a video showing the symptoms (poor starting and knocking sound) when you have a loose injector clamp bolt on the Puma 2.4 engine. In this case, the knocking was only apparent on harsh acceleration and thought to be a faulty injector. Then, after only a few minutes, the knocking was apparent on idle. Investigation found a loose injector clamp bolt.

The aftermath of the loose bolt is found in this picture:

Click image to enlarge

This is why you should never just tighten the bolts up again, or just replace the bolts. The injectors must be removed and the copper washers replaced. This damage was done in a very short space of time after the issue arose.

For further information on injector removal and copper washer replacement, just do a search on the forum Thumbs Up Now: 2010 2.4 TDCi 110 Utility Wagon
Then: 2004 2.5 TD5 90 Hard Top (X-Tech Edition)

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