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Wild Card 90 wrote:
If they could just keep their hands off the gimmicks and gismos that few asked for and even fewer need, Land Rover would be well on the way to creating a vehicle that delivers what its history and appearance promises.

Meanwhile, back at Lode Lane.... Laughing Big Cry ---
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Post #745785 15th Dec 2018 9:51am
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Wild Card 90

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Yes, if they can just manage to produce a base version without all the idiot-assistance gismos, we´ll be ok!
Even the rather-good but too-compact Jimny apparently suffers from technologícal overkill.

If JLR don´t offer a base model, it will be up to an aftermarket company to offer the unpimped conversion.

Call it Professional, Commercial, Lightweight, Farmyard or Basic, it would be the image builder of the range.

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