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You make a good point, but the LS3 is bigger capacity, a bit lazier, & a bit cheaper to mod, if you want to.
But like I said, you make a good point.

Post #623077 10th May 2017 8:35am
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diduan wrote:
I have a question...why LS3? Especially for the puma defenders, that already have the mustang gear box, is it not easier to put the ford mustang 5.0 v8? Everyone seems to go for the LS3, maybe for a reason...am i the only one not knowing the secret? Wink

I take it you're talking about the coyote and not the older 5.0 from the fox body mustang?

The LS3 entered production in 2008 and the coyote in 2011, the LS3 went into several models and the coyote only in the mustang/falcon and a modified version in the f150. The 5.0 in the f150 would be allot more suited to the Defender, they both sound allot better than the LS3 but are more expensive due to lower production and age. 1993 200 Tdi 90 CSW
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Post #623141 10th May 2017 2:02pm
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hi everyone,
im new to the forum so forgive me in advance if im barging in.. but i thought id share my experience with the LS transplant journey...
i just finished one defender110 : L94 6.2L v8 mated to a 6l80e. finishing a double cab130 with the same setup, i got nick markiws adaptor kit(if you prefer manual transmission then theres an australian company supplying these), nick also supplies a bom with all things needed. not that expensive when i compare it to others here who were brave enough to tell how much they bled...
id say nicks kit is a tried and tested solution(includes manifolds, y pipes, magna flow cats, aluminium radiator with fans, engine mount adaptors, transfercase to trans adaptor) , he has sold more than 60 kits and they are registrable in california...
when i drove the 110 for the first time after we got the engine in... i saw the light.
i ordered the engines and the rest from turnkey... they take care of the harness, ecu tuning, tcu tuning etc... and the engine comes with all the ancillaries minus the ac compressor which can be mounted using an adaptor kit from kwik performance.
engine/trans and ancillaries set us back $15k US, nicks kit around $4k, miscellaneous $3k... and labor.
worth it....? yes with a grin from ear to ear
just placed an order for my def90.

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Post #629336 6th Jun 2017 12:12am
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@swaini, I would like to connect if you don’t mind with regards to your experience with the LS3 swap. Very Happy

Post #886865 21st Feb 2021 1:00am
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