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Uganda: End of the Road for Defender

Interesting article - maybe some errors in translation but it's good to see UK main dealer training cascaded to all continents:

"If I call my mechanic when on the road and the nozzle is leaking, he just advises me to get dust, mix it with super glue, apply it on the leaking part and get back on the road," Mugambwa says, adding that the Land Rover Defender is a car he parks by the road side, leaves the keys inside and no one ever dares to steal anything from it."


An honest assessment:

"Like any other motor vehicle, the Land Rover Defender is also vulnerable to mechanical issues. The common faults it develops are mainly with the suspension system, water leakage in most of its parts when it rains and shaky windows and mirrors.

It is also hard to start in the morning or any time of the day when the engine has taken a long time without being used.

Its lights are also dim when it comes to the old model of Land Rover Defenders.

"Most times when you work on an engine leakage, another develops. It requires extra attention and care for the crucial parts especially the gearbox that sometimes develops leakages," Nyakahuma points out."


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Good article, thanks for posting.

The comment "The other merits of driving a Land Rover Defender, Mugambwa says, is that it commands authority on the road when you are competing with inexperienced terrible drivers and pedestrians" tickled me - does an inexperienced terrible driver become after a while an experienced terrible driver ?!

"The last one was a truck on the way to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park that was about to fall over a steep slope because the road was dangerous and there was no car that could tow it. With the help of the Land Rover Defender Trojan 1 I was driving, I towed it within a short time."

I am sure that it is more to do with the translation, but I like the idea of the "Bwindi Impenetrable National Park"!

It is worth reading this article, very poignant, and intersting to hear that Ugandans have the same concerns about the demise of the Defender as we do here.

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