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MAF Sensor and Cruise Control!


I've included some sections of text that I have posted in a different part of this forum and am curious as to your take on this issue.

"My 2.2 is at the dealers after being recovered when the old P0101 MAF sensor fault put her into limp mode.

Now.............after nearly 2wks they are suggesting the Cruise control unit i had fitted is causing the fault.
The cruise control is from Mobile Centre and the same type fitted to countless Defenders, unit has been fitted for over a year with no issues.

Am i correct to be sceptical or is this a problem others have experienced."

"Firstly, shout out to Mobile Centre for the quick response on the query I sent them on this matter.

Thanks to you guys for the response, certainly armed me with a few more questions.

I'll put a list of Info/symptoms below just in case a few more ideas pop up.

- Engine untouched apart from cruise control.
- She has 37k on her and the boost hoses were changed at 25k due to splitting
- The AA who initially attended cleared the fault on the side of the road but it returned during the quick road test.
- on both occasions the cruise control unit was switched off
- on both occasions the urban driving was all good with the fault only appearing when accelerating up to speed to join a dual carriage way."

I have an appointment with the workshop manager this afternoon so he can explain the journey taken for them to reach the conclusion they have.
One comment I did get from the service desk yesterday was that the cruise unit is Spiking the MAF sensor!!!! not even sure this is possible?" Defender Puma 110XS SW
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